Founded in 1950 is an Engineering and Contracting firm focused on Turnkey projects for Civil and Industrial applications.
The fervour and spirit of the years of reconstruction taught us that when you work to reach an ideal, when you believe in the future and never stop studying, nothing is impossible.

From the early stages of our entrepreneurial adventure, that mainly concerned producing water heating systems for civil use, we have contributed to the evolution of the technical tradition of plant design.

During the first decade of the new millennium, SO CO TIS was organised into three divisions to better meet the specific needs of the Clients.

Alongside the civil sector, we have made significant developments in the industrial sector with particular reference to food and pharmaceuticals.
Separating our INSTALLATION activities from our SERVICES became an absolute must.


Optimized productivity thanks to an on-going computerisation process that began at the end of the eighties.
System management quality certification applied to the installation, assembly and maintenance of conditioning and heating systems, sanitary systems, kitchens, laundries, gas and fire systems, all accredited since 2004.

Knowing The Needs Of The Eco-Sustainable System

The need for increased environmental well-being, increasingly sophisticated technological processes, the development of prefabricated buildings and the need to limit consumption have all stimulated change in the sector and we have been protagonists of this transformation.

The Stregth Of Human Resources

The value of the group derives from the quality of each individual professional. Each SO CO TIS technician, draughtsman, site assistant and worker is highly specialised and motivated to do their best, The high level of expertise of our incinerator technicians, refrigerating and maintenance engineers characterises our group, and means that we can provide every kind of solution from the most general to the extremely specific.